Hair Care


Berrio Amla Berry Shampoo

Amla Berry Shampoo

Vit-C & B-6 with Antioxidant Added Value for Longer, Stronger & Smoother Hair.

Berrio Mulberry Black Shine Shampoo

Mulberry Black Shine Shampoo

Mulberry Enhances the Production of Melanin in Hair. Vitamin E & C help in giving your Hair Stunning Black Shine that Lasts.

Berrio Goji Berry Protein Shampoo

Goji Berry Protein Shampoo

Vit-E with Omega-6 for beautiful Hair. Goji Berry is full of Nutrient & Proteins.

Berrio Acai Berry Anti-Dandruff Shampoo

Acai Berry Anti-Dandruff Shampoo

Acai Berry is known as the “Beauty Berry” for Hair. Folic Acid, Zinc & Antioxidants Helps Prevent Dandruff.

Skin Care


Mulberry Age Wonder Cream

Mulberry Age Wonder Cream

Mulberries are rich in antioxidants which are renowned as effective ANTI-AGING AGENTS. Every type of skin can be safely rejuvenated with Berrio Mulberry Cream.

Strawberry Moisturising Cream

Strawberry Moisturising Cream

Berrio strawberry cream contains powerful antioxidants and loads of Vitamin C that provides your Skin Nourishing Nutrients for happy healthy skin.

Camu Camu Berry Fairness Cream

Camu Camu Berry Fairness Cream

Keeps Skin Healthy and Glowing. Saves from UV-B and UVC. Berrio Raspberry cream protects your skin against all types of harmful rays.

Hair Removing Cream

Raspberry Hair Removing Cream

The new Berrio Hair Removing Cream removes hair at the roots. Enriched with natural Raspberry extracts infused with fresh fragrances.